Midwife Pack

NEW 15g glass containers instead of 8g plastic containers!!!! NEW

This pack is for midwives supplying their clients with natural herbal remedies after giving birth. These are NOT sample sizes, but treatment sizes for sore breastfeeding nipples, haemorrhoids, bruises and swelling.
The balms and creams are packed with nature's goodness to provide relief and healing.


  • Brand: KoruKai Natural Herbal Products

$ 172.50

$ 5.75 per container


The standard pack is 30 x 15g glass containers containing:

10x Postnatal Healing Cream, 10x Nipple Balm and 10x Baby Bottom Balm.

It's $5 per container for midwives instead of $9.50 retail.

If you require a different distribution of the above products, please let us know in the comment section at the checkout page. Total needs to be 30 x 15g containers. 

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Pack content

1 x Nipple Balm
$ 12.00

NEW: 15g glass packaging replaces 10g plastic packagingWonderful balm to speed up the healing process and to sooth pain and irritation after breastfeeding. 

$ 12.00
1 x Postnatal Healing Cream 15g
$ 9.50

NOW IN 15g GLASS CONTAINERThis amazing healing cream has a big range of actions and uses. It relieves painful haemorrhoids, softens, soothes and repairs the skin and speeds up the healing process after giving birth.

$ 9.50

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