Milk Kefir Grains 21st October

Order now for shipment on Monday, 21st October.

1 portion of active milk kefir grains to culture 1-2 cups of milk in 12-24 hours with directions to culture 1-10 litres in just a few days.
Buy once and use over and over again.


  • Brand: KoruKai Natural Herbal Products

$ 18.50


Please note that your order will be shipped on the day stated above. If ordering other KoruKai items they will be shipped in the same parcel on the same day. If you need the other items in your shopping cart earlier, please place separate orders. Thanks

We are the main supplier of kefir grains in NZ and we are sending over 20 portions every week. The grains are getting shipped with a shipping solution and grains have been sucessfully recovered even after 4 weeks.
We ship orders to the far north and far south and everywhere in between. Rural orders are also no problem.

You will receive via CourierPost:
- 1 portion of milk kefir grains to culture 1-2 cups of milk in 12-24 hours.

You will receive via email 1-2 days before they are shipped (check shipment date on your invoice):
- Document with 7 pages of detailed instructions (Making Kefir, What milk to use, Fermenting with milk replacements (coconut, almond etc.), Storing the grains, Kefir uses and a kefir cheese/spread recipe)
- How to video (also found below)
- Instructions on how to make coconut kefir milk and other non dairy milk replacement ferments
- Instructions on how to make apple cider and other fermented drinks with the kefir grains
- Support via email within the first 2 weeks to ask questions and get a helping hand when needed

Use over and over again and if you look after them, they will look after you.
Buy once and never buy again. The packages you get in supermarkets or from MadMillie are just a few strains of kefir bacteria and yeast and you have to continue to buy them to make kefir. By far not as beneficial for your health and your pocket.

The grains are grown sustainably and totally waste free with fresh milk from a dairy cow. No plastic packaging is produced in the production process. Up to 10 litres of kefir are fed to calves and pigs everyday on the farm, resulting in no waste product. The grains are grown in a certified kitchen, are professionally packed in a little pouch, secured with newspaper and are shipped in a cardboard box. Impossible to find more sustainable and a higher quality of kefir grains.

Please read the reviews from our happy customers.
With our grains you can rest assured that they are from professionals that grow a lot of kefir grains every week and have years of experience doing so. Kefir is tested monthly with a microscope to make sure there is a large variety of bacteria and yeast present. 

Making kefir is a very easy process. We have created a video (see below) to show you just how easy it is. You will get full directions via email 2-3 days before they are shipped to you.

We have not had any grains being spoilt in transit when they arrive within one week.
The parcel is tracked and insured and a tracking number will be supplied if they do not arrive within 2 days.

Shipping is once or twice a week on Mondays and sometimes Wednesdays (check the date above). Shipping is $6.90 ($10.60 rural) with overnight courier, no signature required. You can also arrange pick up from us in Pigeon Bay (contact: Please select rural delivery if you supply us with a rural address. We won't send the kefir grains if the rural fee has not been paid. If you are unsure if you live at a rural address please check your address here:

A few articles on the benefits of kefir:

Milk kefir: composition, microbial cultures, biological activities, and related products

Kefir improves lactose digestion and tolerance in adults with lactose maldigestion

Milk kefir: nutritional, microbiological and health benefits.

Exploring the influence of culture conditions on kefir's anticancer properties.

Kefir: a powerful probiotics with anticancer properties.

More info on Kefir:
Milk kefir comes from the Caucasus, a mountainous region where the European continent meets Asia. It’s here that milk kefir earned its reputation as an elixir of long life and a medicinal tonic.
Milk kefir grains are a gelatinous mass harboring a generous variety of bacteria and yeast. They are used to make continual batches of milk kefir. There’s no actual grain in kefir grains. They are called grains because they are small and numerous, like grains of sand.
Kefir is closely related to cultures found in raw milk and our digestive tract, making it an excellent probiotic.

When kefir grains are added to milk, the bacteria begin feasting on the lactose in the milk. The lactose nourishes the grains, allowing them to grow and reproduce. Kefir has significanlty less lactose than fresh milk and is much more digestible for lactose intolerant people.



I must tell you how much we are enjoying the milk kefir – on our oat porridge, in smoothies, over chopped apple with a sprinkle of muesli. Yummy!


    Super Vigorous Grain, Amazing Customer Service

    This is my first time making milk Kefir (I make my own yoghurt, Kombucha and Sauerkraut). I have always been put of making Kefir as it seemed overly complicated and I was worried I would waste my money on expensive grains. I wanted to do it properly and not use a once only kit like mad mille. After trawling the Internet I felt confident I found the right product. The grains were super vigorous and I was make more kefir than I could handle after just over a week. The instructions I received with my grains were really through without overwhelming me with information and putting me off the process. I was even more impressed with the customer service. Cornelia has been answering my questions very thoroughly and has given some great tips. The postage was super quick. I'm really happy I took the plunge and got these good quality grains I'm sure you will be too.



      Great service and great grains! First time making both Kefir and your Caspian Sea yoghurt - I’m loving both. The fermentation pounder has been useful too. Thank you.


        The best kefir grains anyone could ever buy

        Received your kefir grains a few weeks ago, they are so healthy and growing beautifully, I am so happy with your product it is a real credit to you and we are so lucky to have someone who is passionate about producing quality.


          Great customer service

          I asked a lot of questions over email and had exceptional reaponse and even got a few recipies for free. Thank you giys. Excellent customer service


            Healthy grains

            These grains are very healthy. Very good product. Thank you


              Very pleased

              This product came in perfect condition and is growing extremely well.


                Good quality, highly recommend.

                Grains are of very good quality. Eventhough its only a small amount of grains that you receive, they multiply very quickly. I use organic A2 milk, nonhomogenised, to get a rich creamy kefir.


                  Vibrant and Fresh!

                  Kefir grains that are vibrant and fresh. Posted quickly, and packed well, they got to work straight away and the kefir is thick and wholesome.


                    Amazing grains

                    I'm staying in Auckland and wanted to keep making kefir here and bought these grains. Nursed them warm for a few days, now they are racing at room temperature. Making two batches a day, secondary ferment in a few hours. Have to go back to Australia in a few days and can't take them with me but next time I'm back will order them again!!


                      The best grains on the market!

                      Over the last 10 years I probably bought kefir grains 5 times from different people. I am away for 3 months of the year and buy them again on my return to NZ. These grains are by far the best I have ever had. The kefir is thick, smooth, tastes great and helps me so much for my digestive issues. Thank you so much for providing such a great product. I will definitely buy again next year.



                        I received kefir grains on Tuesday.
                        It works perfectly fine, I made it every day without any problems.
                        You explanations are very detailed and clear.
                        Thank you very much for your good service.


                          Fabulous product!

                          Received them 8/3/19 just over two weeks ago they have grown beautifully by at least ten times initial amount, and have been providing me with great milk kefir from day one. Sure this has helped me keep my digestive system particularly healthy and well. Thank you


                            Arrived in excellent packaging

                            Normally I have a black thumb so I was going to give this a go watching a few dozen youtube instructions and just give it a go with no real optimistic ideas. Well it has been a few weeks now and the grains are rather happy and growing on either the a2 store milk or the a2 organic milk. My son is moderately autistic and I have been adding a little kefir to his formula (the only way I have managed to keep his nutrition up). He is tolerating it well and I feel his processing is doing rather well from it.... more so than just the probiotics and yogurt he has been taking for years now. I find I have been less stressed and even though I have hypothyroidism my energy levels are higher on your kefir. We have all now converted from my multi strain yogurt to your kefir that I added my probiotics too.... hoping the good ones transferred to the community. I would love to know all the strains that were originally in the Kefir if you ever did a biome test on it? Any way thought you might like to hear feedback. Thanks :-)


                              Great service!

                              Just wanted to say thanks so much for the milk grains and the thorough instructions that come with it. I’ve made two batches of kefir now and they’ve turned out great! I read about kefir and it’s benefits in a book called the Good Skin Solution by Shann Nix so I was happy to find somewhere that provided these grains in NZ!
                              You provide such an amazing quick service too which was great as I was excited to get started.


                                Delighted with this product!

                                We wanted to let you know we received our kefir grains safely, put them in raw milk straight away, and have been enjoying delicious, healthy smoothies since then.
                                Thank you again, we are delighted with this product.

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                                Great success!

                                I have great success with the kefir and been making it also for my young grandchildren who love it. Thank you so much.


                                  Quality over quantity!

                                  When I received the grains last week, I noticed that there is not much in the pack. But man are they vigorous. I got them into 1 cup milk straight away and had firm kefir in under 24 hours. It tasted really good. I had kefir grains from a different company 1 year ago which was maybe double the amount and they were not as good as those. Plus these ones are so much cheaper! Thanks for that great quality and service.



                                    I have a few medical conditions and I am astounded how my health has improved since introducing kefir into my diet. I used to buy kefir yoghurt from the supermarket but have found that it is so easy to make it at home with the grains. It saves me so much money as well. Thanks for providing such a great service. I also love all other KoruKai products that I purchased!


                                      Fabulous grains!

                                      I am from Russia and I grew up with kefir. I have bought a few grains from different companies, but these are by far the best grains I have ever had. It makes a very thick kefir and is very tasty. The grains are very vigorous and a tbsp can ferment a whole liter of milk! The price is 1/3 of what others charge. Thanks for bringing back a bit of childhood.


                                        So easy!

                                        Our home kefir production has gone well right from the first batch. It’s so easy.
                                        Thanks very much.


                                          Amazing quality!

                                          We really enjoy the kefir produced with these grains. It is turning out beautifully and the grains are multiplying rapidly. Thank you so much for supplying those at such a cheap rate.

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