Meaning of KoruKai


The Koru spiral is a significant symbol for us as a family as we bring up children in this world of constant change and chaos. The Koru is a symbol for new life and harmony. It encompasses growth, change, chaos, surrender and new beginning. It is a continuum as it unwinds and new spirals appear; like the unfurling of life itself.

Kai is the Maori word for “food” and it is also my husband’s first name. We spend a lot of thought and time for the preparation and eating of food in order to nourish our bodies. The food that we eat keeps us healthy and helps us to deal with disease, chemicals and toxins found everywhere around us. All our vegetables are organic and homegrown in soil that has all the minerals available for plant growth (there are more than 48 important minerals for plant and animal growth, not just NPK). Our fruit trees are still maturing and will hopefully provide us soon with nutritious fruit. We raise chicken, ducks, sheep and cattle for meat and manage them organically. We also have a dairy cow called “Lulu” who will soon provide us with healthy and rich milk to make yoghurt, kefir, cheese and other dairy products for our daily consumption. We also drink herbal teas daily and use homegrown culinary herbs to give our meals special flavours. When one of us is sick we make a nutritious chicken broth, drink special herbal teas and use our homemade herbal remedies to strengthen the immune system.

I truly believe that the right food can make us healthy and that there are a lot of foods that can make us sick and are responsible for a lot of diseases in the Western world.

"The natural healing force within each one
of us is the greatest force in getting well.
Our food should be our medicine.
Our medicine should be our food."