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KoruKai Herb Farm and Natural Herbal Products


We are a family business on Banks Peninsula, New Zealand. On our 15 acres with hills and native New Zealand bush, we grow over 80 different herbs. The herbs are grown chemical free following the BioGro Standard for Organic Production (www.biogro.co.nz). We are not certified organic at this stage, but are working towards certification of our property in the future.
With the help of harvest helpers we harvest the herbs manually without machinery at their peak time full of volatile oils and potency. The herbs are then carefully dried on racks in a purpose built solar ventilated drying shed away from direct sunlight. This method retains the colour, potency and constituents of the herbs and we achieve an outstanding product.
Once the herbs are fully dry, they are further processed by hand to remove stalks and other unwanted plant material like grass or weeds and garbled over screens. The herbs are then put away for storage and further processing.
We go with the seasons and make seasonal preparations and extracts for year round supply. Leaves are harvested in spring and summer, flowers in summer, fruits and berries in autumn and roots are dug in winter.
As soon as herbs are fully dry and ready for processing, we make tinctures, infusions, decoctions, syrups and glycetracts to harness the herbs' healing powers in liquid form. Those form the base for our Herbal Health Remedies.
For our natural skin care products we choose herbs for their skin calming, anti-inflammatory and beautifying properties. Those herbs are then infused in cold pressed and certified organic sunflower seed oil over a 6-week cold infusion period. After this time, the herbs will have given off their constituents and colour to the oil. The oil is then pressed and filtered ready to be used as a base for our natural skin care and skin healing products.
The customer feedback and the many happy, returning customers prove that our skin care and herbal products are among the best of the best and we are proud to supply such high quality products for our customers.
Try for yourself and see the difference it makes when herbs are NZ grown, potent and fresh and not imported from all over the world. 

KoruKai Team Members

KoruKai Family   KoruKai Herb Farm

photo: Kathy Catton (Sep. 2019)

Cornelia Holten

Cornelia is the head of the operation. She has completed an apprenticeship in herbal medicine in 2014 and a diploma in organic horticulture in 2013. A Master in Education (Montessori) tops things off and equip her well for her varied tasks thoughout the week: running workshops, growing food and being a stuart of the land. Her day starts in the garden, making compost, organic seaweed and manure fertiliser, sowing seeds, planting and harvesting. She does product development and together with Kai designs the labels for the products. She handcrafts the products to her very high standard. The monthly newsletters are written by Cornelia and they give her an opportunity to share her passion for organic food, herbs, nourishment, gardening, permaculture and self-sufficiency.

Kai Holten

Kai mentors and supports Cornelia in her big role. He is the computer tech in the operation and has a good eye for details and harmony. He is the beekeeper in the family and is passionate about permaculture design. At the moment he spends a lot of time in the food forest where herbs are grown as ground cover and in the under storey. 

Nicholas and Julia

Our two children help in the garden. Planting, digging, watering and harvesting. They are our biggest fans and Nicholas quickly fetches the Skin Healing Salve from our First-Aid Kit when someone is hurt. They are the driving force to develop our children's health remedies and they let us know if the remedies taste good for other children to use.